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My Canvas is My Playground

I love to explore, to play, to experiment.

I love pretty colors, shapes, and the thrill of creating something new.

As an artist, I have always had an aversion to sitting still and becoming stagnant, I am always looking for new inspiration, new techniques, and explorations. So from time to time, I will take a course or a class that I hope will change my perception or maybe giggle something that frees up something new. On this occasion, a couple of workshops turned my attention to the simple joy of expressing feelings without involving much thought or reason, this allowed me to continue the work I had started with my Field of Flowers series and move in a new direction. I looked inward and found myself back in a playground, but this time it was not a playground with slides and monkey bars but rather a playground with canvases and colors. I allowed my creative self to play and lead the way and bask in the sheer joy of creating and expressing feelings. This playful process resulted in this new series of paintings that comprise this release.  I envision My Canvas is My Playground bringing joy and playfulness to every home.


I hope you find something that resonates with you in this series

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