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Chair Story

The first miniature chair I purchased was yellow and orange, made of ceramic, and featured a spiral on the backrest. I was instantly drawn to it when I saw it at a design store and knew I had to take it home with me. During that time, I was freshly married and starting to decorate my own home. When I placed it on my shelf, it looked solitary, like it needed a companion. So I went back to find a friend, this time a complementary green chair with a zig-zag on the backrest followed me home.

Little did I know that those two little chairs would be the start of an ever-growing and expanding collection as I no longer could resist the temptation to adopt every little chair I came across. I became a chair collector. Before I knew it people started gifting me chairs, associating me with chairs, and slowly they started to become a part of my personality. Eventually, I became fascinated with painting them and telling their stories. For me painting a chair is about the idea of a common object representing individuals and their emotions. I see chairs not as objects but as people with a personality of their own as well as with a story to tell. 

As an homage to my roots and the chairs that started it all, I wanted to create a small edition of miniature chairs of my own. This collection seeks to translate the language of my two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional objects, expanding my range as an artist and of the world I create. The collection of 16 chairs are all unique and one of a kind. I sourced the chairs from a market in Mexico City from a craftsman that laser cut the wood to my specifications, I later assembled and painted them at my studio. They are all painted in my personal style, I used upcycled canvas from past paintings, Japanese newspapers and, references to the traditional Mexican styles I grew up with; they are all true to my style and made with all my love.

I hope that these chairs find loving homes and that you can take a piece of my chair story with you.

This Collection was a Limited Edition and its Sold Out

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